Industry oriented Action

Your Technology Partner

Afeka College provides a solution for the technological needs of industrial and entrepreneurial organizations, by providing research services, prototype development, conducting proof of viability studies and consulting. In order to support cooperation with the industry, the College set up a structure that includes top class experts and professionals, technological infrastructures and unique laboratories. The supporting structure runs professionally, to the point and simply in a business environment
Research Centers

Industry based research, consulting and cooperation centers were set up at the initiative of the College in order to promote and leverage the activity of prominent staff members in their fields, with practical experience in industrial service. The combination of human resources, a laboratory infrastructure, and a supporting and organized business environment lead to the establishment of knowledge centers in the following fields

Industry oriented

As a multidisciplinary higher education platform connected to the business community, Afeka promotes industry oriented academic endeavors and operates dedicated units that enable the students, graduates and organizations to leverage mutual capabilities, to conduct joint research and projects, and together materialize technological initiatives

Research Authority Afeka College affords a great deal of thought to nurturing the research culture as an infrastru...