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Academic Background

1989 - 1992 M.Sc. in Computer Science, Computer Science Faculty, Technion, Israel.
Research in the area of distributed networks. Thesis titled “Counting Networks”.

1986 - 1989 BA in Computer Science, Computer Science Faculty, Technion, Israel.
Received with distinction. 


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E. Aharonson, V. Aharonson, T. Porat & V. Silber-Varod, “The Perceptual Effect of Prosody in Voice-activated System Responses”, Paper presented at the 2012 Speech Processing Conference, Tel-Aviv, Israel, June, 2012.

K. Raichlin Levi, A. Sotzianu, O. Amir, E. Aharonson, Z. Ovadia-Blechman, “Mobile Application for Real Time Monitoring of Speech Rate Based on Phoneme Segmentation Techniques”, Paper presented at the 2014 Afeka Conference for Speech Processing, Tel-Aviv, Israel, July, 2014.