Dr. Gonen Singer


Academic Background

A Ph. D. from the Industrial Engineering Dept. of Tel Aviv University. He has lectured at Tel Aviv University, at the Technion, at the Open University and at a number of Colleges in Israel.

Professional Background

Extensive experience in industry and has been involved in operations, production and information systems for the past 12 years. He is a founding partner of the C-B4 Company, which deals in the field of analytics to forecast and detect patterns in data. He serves as the head researcher in a number of projects with considerable resources and substantial budgets, as part of the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Government of Israel and the European Union.

Research Grants






IDF, The Human Engineering Division, Principal Investigator (C-B4) 

Predicting and evaluating success in military service.


National Institute for Testing & Evaluation, Investigator (Afeka)

Evaluating  the effectiveness of accommodations given to engineering and science students with learning  disabilities


IDF, The Telecommunications Division, Principal Investigator (C-B4)

Identifying anomalies and unusual events in social networks


Magnet Program, Israeli Ministry of Commerce and Trade, Investigator (Afeka)

450mm, the consortium for adaptive sampling algorithm.


IDF, The Telecommunications Division, Principal Investigator (C-B4)

Deploying Statistical Anomaly Detection to Improve Cyber Security,


Mafat, Israeli Air Force, Principal Investigator(C-B4)

Predictive Maintenance based on Operational and Maintenance data in the IAF.


Celtic - industry-driven European research initiative, Eureka, Principal Investigator. (C-B4)

Human Situation Monitoring System (HuSIMS). URL: http://www.celtic-initiative.org/Projects/Celtic-projects/Call7/HUSIMS/husims-default.asp


Prime Minister's Office, Principal Investigator    (C-B4)

Anomaly detection applications.


Ministry of Trade and Commerce, Principal

Investigator (C-B4)

Context-Based models and Pattern Recognition for industrial accidents.


CONSIST (The Consortium for Software Development for Industrial Process), Magnet Program, Israeli Ministry of Commerce and Trade, Research Associate (Tel-Aviv University)



Statistical methods for control and analysis of stochastic processe