Head of Department Words

Dr. David Berla Welcome to the Afeka College Systems Engineering Dept. As the Head of the Department, I am happy you are visiting this page. The uniqueness of Masters Degree studies at Afeka College, compared to other institutes in Israel, is expressed by the particular emphasis that we pay to imparting a broad knowledge base, which incorporates engineering studies in the fields of mathematics, statistics and physics, some of which are studied in English, in conjunction with a research type final project. The Masters Degree curriculum in Systems Engineering at Afeka College began as the result of the considerable demand for the profession on the part of the industry and trains the graduates for technological leadership positions at industrial factories and in the various service organizations. The lecture staff at the Afeka College Systems Engineering Dept. comprises highly experienced academics and industrialists from the ambit of Systems Engineering, in conjunction with the active involvement on the part of the Department in research and public activities, within the framework of the Israeli Chapter of the International Association of Systems Engineers.