Head of Department Words

Dr. Adi Fux

The uniqueness of Masters Degree studies inEngineering & Management, Service Systems at Afeka College, is expressed by the fact that this is the first program in Israel that provides an academic solution to the field of service systems as a whole, and deals in a multidisciplinary solution for the various worlds of service.

The Masters Degree curriculum in Engineering & Management, Service Systems at Afeka College imparts vital skills to Bachelor Degree holders, which enables them to understand theories, tools, methodologies, and technologies for the design, streamlining, management and operation of successful service systems, and provides them with the training required and which is necessary to improve the level of service in their organization.

The faculty staff members in the Engineering & Management, Service Systems Dept. at Afeka College are highly experienced academics and industrialists, who contribute significantly to the quality and level of the teaching and provide the students with unique added value. Add to this the pleasant and supportive learning environment, a learning experience in small sized class groups, and the personal relationship with the teaching staff, who accompany the students throughout the entire curriculum and provide them with individual counseling, training and guidance.