Head of Department Words

Prof. Erel Avineri

The uniqueness of Masters Degree studies in Engineering & Management, Infrastructure Systems at Afeka College, is expressed by the special emphasis that the College affords the training of Infrastructure Systems Engineers and Managers in implementing engineering and management methodologies, in conjunction with advanced technologies and an in-depth, enterprise wide understanding of the reciprocity between the various infrastructure systems and the economic and social environment. The ability and the tools that the course graduates acquire as part of the studies, assist them to take up positions and progress to eminent jobs in design, establishment and management of infrastructure systems, in the public and private sector.

The Masters Degree curriculum in Engineering & Management, Infrastructure Systems at Afeka College is the only one of its type offered in Israel and has been approved by the Council of Higher Education. The program is aimed at training the future generation of Infrastructure Systems Engineers and Managers in conjunction with experts in the fields of Traffic, Energy, Water and Sewage Systems Engineering and Management and is based on the curriculum taught at institutes throughout the world.

The staff members in the Engineering & Management, Infrastructure Systems Dept. at Afeka College are highly experienced in relevant engineering disciplines, which contribute significantly to the quality and level of teaching and provides the students with unique added value. Add to this the pleasant and supportive learning environment, a learning experience in small sized class groups, and the personal connection with the teaching staff, that accompanies the students throughout the entire curriculum and provides them with individual counseling, training and guidance.