Software and Information Technology


A bit about Software and Information Technology 

As an integral part of the world of Software Engineering that deals with the design, development and implementation of various software programs, the field of Software and Information Technology focuses on advanced technological development that facilitates the development of software and information systems, to improve the management and maintenance capability of the core organizational systems, as well as preserving and leveraging the knowledge resources accumulated within the organization.

The Advantage of Majoring in the Software and Information Technology Track at Afeka College

Majoring in the fields of Software and Information Technology within the framework of Bachelors Degree studies in Software Engineering at Afeka College grants the students extensive scientific research knowledge in the field of computer science, in tandem with practical experience in technologies for the development of software systems in engineering techniques, with emphasis on object oriented development technology and network software development.

The curriculum in the majoring track is aimed at nurturing the students’ skills in the fields of operative Software and Information Technology and includes, inter alia, the study of mathematics and Software Engineering that equip the students with the vital tools and skills required for their success in this unique field.

Your Future in the Field of Software and Information Technology

The theoretical knowledge and practical workshops to which the students are exposed during their studies in this majoring track enable them to continue their studies for advanced academic degrees as well as to successfully secure positions at hardware and software development companies, communications companies, Internet companies and at the Information Technology Departments of banks and insurance companies. The high demand for experts in Software and Information Technology enables the students to benefit from higher than average salary packages than those offered on the market and from a range of opportunities to take up riveting positions in the various market sectors.

The graduates of the Afeka College Software Engineering Dept. who sought employment in the industry are currently employed at the leading companies in their fields, such as: Comverse, Nice, Amdocs, Mercury, the Israel Aerospace Industry, the Israel Defense Force, Government ministries, cellular companies, Bezeq, and various start up companies.