Medical Information Systems Engineering

A few words about Medical Information Systems Engineering

The improvement in medical diagnosis and treatment that we are currently experiencing is based upon innovative technology that facilitates the miniaturization of sensors and obtaining vital data from non invasive examinations of the human body, and upon advanced methods in the field of real time signal and image processing that allow tracking and treatment, and the transfer of medical data via innovative means.

The Advantages of Majoring in the Medical Information Systems Engineering Track

Majoring in the Medical Information Systems Engineering Track combines the study of software and information systems together with medical engineering as a solution to the current demand for engineers in this field in medical engineering and at medical centers.

The Medical Information Systems Engineering majoring track, within the framework of bachelor degree studies in Medical Engineering at Afeka, trains the students to deal in the development of medical simulations, the development of computerized medical information libraries that could assist the medical practitioner to take decisions, the development of an advanced medical file, the development of systems for the dissemination of medical information by wireless and cellular communications, the use of data mining and data security tools in order to make medical decisions, and the development of telemedicine systems.

The Professional Future of the Graduates of Medical Information Systems Engineering Majors

The Medical Information Systems Engineering majoring track grants the Afeka students an excellent opening gambit position for integrating into medical companies that deal in the analysis of medical information, in the IDF Medical Corps and in large health organizations, such as: The Ministry of Health, the health care funds and hospitals that are involved in medical communications. Furthermore, the students who will take courses from the Clinical Engineering Division will be able to be employed, as graduates of the Division, in shepherding a product from the initiative stage and up to the market penetration stage, while managing the regulatory aspect, standards and clinical trials at any of the companies dealing in Medical Engineering.