Head of School Words

Dr. Sara Naftali

The distinctiveness of Bachelor Degree Medical Engineering studies at Afeka College is expressed with a special emphasis on the fact that the College provides professional, multidisciplinary training of medical engineers, which combines Engineering studies with imparting knowledge, understanding and skills in medical instrumentation systems, clinical systems and medical information systems.

The Bachelors Degree in Medical Engineering curriculum at Afeka College includes theoretical studies in the fields of engineering and medicine, tours of institutes and cardiac catheterization rooms at medical centers and in the medical engineering industry and practical experience gained in laboratories, that include advanced workstations that simulate physiological systems, or which are used to measure physiological systems in the human body. This is in conjunction with the exposure of the students to the flourishing and dynamic endeavors of medical engineering in Israel and around the world, through professional conferences and various activities of the Israeli Association of Medical and Biological Engineering.

The Staff members of the Medical Engineering Dept. include doctorate degree lectures with industrial experience who are involved in teaching and research and are members of the Israeli Association of Medical and Biological Engineering. Add to that a pleasant and supportive learning environment, a learning experience in small classes and personal contact with the teaching staff, who accompany the students throughout the curriculum and provide them individual counseling, training and guidance.