Solids Mechanics

A bit about Solids Mechanics 

Solids mechanics deals in the examination of the changes in solid bodies from the aspects of dynamics, material strength, crumpling, fracture, elasticity, material fatigue and oscillation, as a result of various forces and loads acting upon them.

The Advantage of Majoring in the Solids Mechanics Track at Afeka College

As one of the classical majoring tracks in Mechanical Engineering, majoring in Solids Mechanics enables the students to specialize in the field of the various aspects of mechanical design, and to learn how to build a quality system from the aspects of weight, motion and precision of modules, taking cost constraints, raw materials, and technological challenges into account.

The studies in this track impart broad based knowledge in the design of structures, planning, calculation, maintenance and preservation of systems and mechanisms, elasticity, fractures and materials mechanics and systems manufacture. In parallel to the theoretical subjects, the curriculum enables the students to gain experience in computerized tools that assist in mechanical design, final elements analysis (FEM), computerized drafting (CAD), building visual geometric models using a computer, and building computerized models for the simulation of operations and motion.

The Professional Future of Graduates of the Solids Mechanics Majoring Track

Every organization, the main activities of which are engineering design, will prefer to employ engineers with a major in Solids Mechanics. Mechanical Engineering Studies with a major in Solids Mechanics opens the way for the graduates of the program to a rich world of opportunities to take up a position at companies and organizations that incorporate mechanical and engineering design in their activities, such as Iskar, the Israel Aerospace Industry, the Israel Defense Force, the medical industry, hi-tech companies, design and consulting companies and factories that make broad use of mechanical machinery.