Mechatronics - Robotics

A bit about Mechatronics - Robotics

Mechatronics is the field of interdisciplinary engineering that deals with electro mechanical devices and combines Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Software Engineering. The field that grew out the combination of mechanical instruments and electronic control, and which is aimed at creating simple, reliable, and cheaper multi purpose systems, has developed over time into other fields as well.

Robots, autonomous motor vehicles, manufacturing systems, automatic focus cameras, hard drives etc., are mechatronics systems that incorporate mechanical infrastructure, electronic elements and computerized control.

The Advantage of Majoring in Mechatronics - Robotics at Afeka College

Majoring in Mechatronics - Robotics grants the students broad based knowledge in a wide range of fields of engineering. The curriculum focuses on the fields of robotics and control and incorporates software and electronics studies in order to train the graduates for multidisciplinary work with integrated systems, and to contend with advanced, multidisciplinary, technological challenges. The multidisciplinary education provided by the majoring track in the unique Afeka College curriculum, equips its graduates with an additional toolbox for working with electronic and software systems and enables them to design systems far more easily and to intensify the ascription to the fields of advanced technology, control and precision mechanization that characterizes the world of hi-tech.

The Future of Graduates Majoring in Mechatronics - Robotics

Majoring in the Afeka College Mechatronics - Robotics track opens up a whole world of opportunities for the graduates to secure a position in the various derivatives of the robotics industry and in the field of mechatronic systems and control systems, that are typical in organizations in the hi-tech, military industries and aeronautical industries sectors, in which the demand for experts in matters of control and mechatronic systems is high.