A Bit about Materials

As a field on the leading edge of technology in Israel and around the world, Materials Science constitutes a basis for the work of the Mechanical Engineer, and affects all decision making processes and work processes in product design. The Design Engineer has a broad range of materials at his disposal, such as: Metals, unique alloys, complex materials, polymers, plastics, etc., which he adapts to various design requirements, such as strength and weight and economic aspects. Therefore, in order to enable the organization to manufacture quality products while maintaining an optimal level of performance and preventing future failures, Mechanical Engineers require in depth knowledge and understanding in the field of materials.

The Advantage of Majoring in the Materials Track at Afeka College

The majoring in Materials Science trains students to deal in the fields related to the structure and property of the material, and enables them to develop an in depth understanding of the domain, that assists in developing new materials and innovative manufacturing technologies, to produce quality products and to manage and streamline testing, profiling and quality control processes.

During the course of the studies in the unique Afeka College curriculum, the students are exposed to all stages of the manufacturing process and acquire tools and knowledge in the types and structure of materials, selection of materials, criteria in engineering design, production and profiling processes, etc. This is within the ambit of majoring courses offered by the curriculum, that includes the study of complex materials, ceramic materials, advanced materials, polymers and plastic technologies, metals, mechanical properties and non destructive tests, failure investigations, protection against corrosion and coatings, fracture mechanics, advanced production processes, etc.

The Future of Graduates of the Materials Major Track

The need for Mechanical Engineers who have majored in materials as part of the engineering team within the organization and the factory, is increasing due to the enterprise wide thinking that characterizes this field of expertise. Majoring in the Materials Track opens the way for endless opportunities for the graduates to take up key positions that require a combination of mechanical knowledge and Materials Science, in the defense and civil industries, in manufacturing and quality assurance processes and in processes of the research and development of components and materials for the hi-tech, medical and aviation industry, as well as to continue their studies for advanced academic degrees at institutes of higher learning.