Automotive Systems

A bit about Automotive Systems

The development in technology and the increase in awareness of the use of green energy has motivated the global vehicle market to “shift gears” and promote the engineering development of Automotive Systems respective to the new age. These changes have already lead to ground breaking engineering developments, such as electrically powered and hybrid cars and continue to be a challenge for engineers experienced in their field all over the world.

The Advantage of Majoring in the Automotive Systems Track at Afeka College

The Afeka College expertise in multidisciplinary training, creativity and unique curriculums formulated by the College Staff, in conjunction with professional entities in the vehicle industry in Israel, * grants the students a special opportunity to learn a sought after field at an academic academy recognized by the industry in which the graduates will be employed upon completing their studies.

The studies in this majoring track train the students to deal in the various tiers of the field of Automotive Systems, including understanding, design and maintenance of Automotive Systems, as well as acquiring vital knowledge in the supplementary subjects of legislation, environmental quality and economics. Accordingly, the curriculum in this major focuses on unique complex systems of motor vehicles, such as the engine system, the power transfer and braking systems and reviews them in depth. This is in addition to dealing with the structure and design of the vehicle, and the means of safety, control and environmental quality.

The Future of Automotive Systems Majoring Track Graduates

Majoring in this track enables the students to join the community of Mechanical Engineers who specialize in Automotive Systems, to develop a professional career in the majority of Mechanical Engineering fields, and to offer a unique capability that will set them apart from all others in the vehicle industry. Completing their studies in this major will lay the way for the graduates into a plethora of opportunities to take up positions at hundreds of Israeli companies that develop and manufacture products for the global vehicle industry, in the defense establishment that develops their own solutions in this field, in the Ministry of Transport as well as at vehicle importers, vehicle licensing institutes, etc.