Operations and Production

A bit about Operations and Production

The domain of operations and production deals with the management of all the activities and decision making processes leading to the achievement of the business objectives of any organization whatsoever, whether it be an organization that manufactures tangible products or a service organization. Dealing with Operations and Production combines managing people, including the gauging and control of their work, with resource management, including managing the production processes, logistics and inventory required to manufacture the products and / or provide the services.

The Benefits of Majoring in the Operations and Production Track at Afeka College

Industrial Engineers are responsible for manufacturing quality products through the best possible exploitation of time resources and costs and are even required to demonstrate flexibility in light of changes resulting from management decisions, malfunctions, and unexpected scenarios in the production process.

Majoring in the Operations and Production Dept. within the framework of Bachelor Degree studies in Industrial Engineering & Management  at Afeka, enables students to develop these professional capabilities, to acquire comprehensive knowledge in the field of logistics and product life span, and to learn how to effectively contend with complex systems.

The study subjects in this major track include, inter alia: Production systems analysis, computer integrated production systems, logistics systems analysis, analysis of statistical data in order to take decisions and many other topics that equip the students with vital tools for their success as Industrial Engineers who are expert in Operations and Production.

The Professional Future of the Graduates of the Operations and Production Track

The commercial success of any organization is based on maximum cooperation between all the departments in the organization, that assist in streamlining development and manufacturing processes and shortening the time to market of quality products. The demand forIndustrial Engineering & Management graduates results from the their ability to facilitate this vital synergy, by means of a combination of a unique interdisciplinary understanding in the field of technology, industry, economics, and human resources, together with unique, enterprise wide, operational, management and strategic decision making.

The range of fields to which the students are exposed during the course of their majoring in the Afeka College Operations and Production Track, open a myriad of opportunities for the students to take up positions into local and international companies and organizations, in various fields of endeavor, including: Defense and civil industry, communications, software, start up companies, consulting, finances, insurance, transport, the military, Police, Government Ministries, etc.