Information Systems

A bit about Information Systems

The domain of Information Systems constitutes a significant and integral component in the business operation of every enterprise, organization or company. Information Technology deals with the manner of use of hardware, software and communications resources benefiting information management, including the storage, processing, protection and transfer of information.

The organizational information systems are run by the IT Dept., which is responsible for the profiling, development, operation and maintenance thereof, and these systems are of vital importance due to their contribution to the organization in achieving its objectives, while providing proper support for all the organization’s activities.

Industrial Engineers who major in Information Systems generally take up positions in design, profiling and building of the information systems in accordance with the business, marketing and designated needs of the organization or customer.

The Advantages of Majoring in the Afeka College Information Technology Track

Majoring in the Information Technology Track as part of the Bachelors Degree Studies Industrial Engineering & Management enables the students to study, in depth, the range of opportunities inherent in Information Systems, and how to leverage the organizational technological resources to materialize the business strategy of the organization with maximum effectiveness and in an optimal manner. Likewise, the selection of courses that the curriculum offers in the fields of information theory, information systems for customer relations management, data mining etc., imparts comprehensive knowledge and a broad pallet of tools to the students for the management of the organizational information systems

The Professional Future of the Information Systems Track Graduates

The business and industrial infrastructure of any successful organization depends upon information systems and this is why the demand for experts in this field is escalating. Completing the Afeka College major track in Information Systems opens unlimited employment opportunities to the students, and the ability to take up positions in the Information Systems Dept. of any organization, company or enterprise in the business and private sector, including: Defense and industrial factories, communications companies, multinational software companies, start up companies, banks, insurance companies, Government Ministries, the military, Police, transport, health care, multinational consulting companies, social organizations, etc.