Business Analytics

A Few Words on Business Analytics

The field of business analytics has expanded over the last few years to become an essential component in modern organizations. Data-driven business analysis helps draw insights and make business decisions that provide a competitive edge and identify new business opportunities. The purpose of business analytics is to provide relevant data, trends, and patterns that enable organizations to make informed and valuable business decisions.

The Advantages of Specializing in Afeka’s Business Analytics Track

Specializing in business analytics provides Industrial Engineering undergraduate students an in- depth perspective on a field that combines analytical knowledge – based on statistical models, mathematical models, and programming skills – together with the use of specialized software tools. Afeka’s Business Analytics Track trains graduates to work as data scientists: to understand business dilemmas, define data spaces, and develop statistical and mathematical models for providing solutions to business needs.

Career Opportunities for Business Analytics Graduates

Leading research companies overwhelmingly agree that the world of data analysis is currently one of the fastest-growing fields, and top global organizations are investing in its development. At the same time, the amount of existing data in industry and social media is continuing to skyrocket, thus compounding the challenge of managing and successfully utilizing available data. Engineers who can address this need are currently in high demand by organizations and companies, making business analytics graduates desirable in a job market with numerous opportunities for a career in this field.