Head of School Words

Dr. Shai Rozenes

The Industrial Engineering & Management Bachelor Degree curriculum at Afeka College, trains engineers in the most advanced and vital fields in the worlds of technology, industry, and human resources. The courses studied at the Department are updated and adapted to the dynamics and challenges that characterize the field of engineering. In parallel, the Department strictly ensures leveraging its tight relations and cooperation with various organizations, with the objective of assisting its graduates to integrate rapidly into the Industry

The faculty Staff at the Afeka College Industrial Engineering & Management Dept. comprises lecturers who combine extensive industrial experience with research in various fields, who contribute significantly to the quality and level of teaching and grant the students unique added value. Add to this a pleasant and supporting study environment, a learning experience in small class groups and the personal relationship with the lecture staff, who accompany the students throughout the program and provide them with individual counseling, training and guidance