Physical Communications Layer

A bit about the Physical Communications Layer

The physical communications layer deals with the practical aspects of modern communications, such as: Mobile telephones, short range communications systems, (WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID) and long range communications systems (fiber optics communications, microwave arterials and satellite communications).

The Advantage of Majoring in the Physical Communications Layer at Afeka College

This major track enables the students to study the secrets of the domain from the best of widely experienced professionals in the industry. A range of courses that the curriculum offers and the topics studied in the classroom and laboratories deal with basic components, such as antennae, radio components and optical components, as well as the product or complete package level, such as mobile devices for speech and Internet access, base stations and RADAR systems. All these expose the students to theoretical materials that the Communications Engineer is required to know, in conjunction with the practical hardware aspects, that will enable him or her to design detailed systems, to materialize them and carry out the required tests.

The Future of Physical Communications Layer Major Graduates

Majoring in the physical communications layer field trains the graduates of the track to develop radio components, to implement and incorporate sub systems and full communications systems, and to accompany the testing and preparation for production stages. The knowledge and tools provided by the curriculum to the students, positions them in an excellent opening stance prior to contending for jobs in the field of development, integration, and transferring to production, in the electronics industry in Israel.