Image and Video Processing

A bit about Image and Video Processing

Image and video processing systems are fast becoming part of our daily lives and serve many companies in Israel and around the world, in a broad spectrum of endeavors, such as: Visual communications, computerized viewing and analysis, entertainment and social activities, as well as for medical and security purposes. Consequently, image and video processing is currently one of the fastest developing fields and is expected to continue developing over the coming years. Majoring in this track trains the students for work in research and development in the field of signal processing, with emphasis on computerized image, video and vision processing.

The Advantage of Majoring in Image and Video Processing at Afeka College

The studies in this unique majoring track enable the students to expand and intensify their skills in the field of computerized picture, video, multimedia and image processing, by means of exploring and experience with a range of advanced technologies, tools and algorithms. The curriculum combines theoretical courses together with practical experience in various environments, compulsory courses in the basics of digital signals processing and image processing, advanced optional courses, reference to hardware, software and algorithmic theory and the combination thereof, working on a range of platforms such as: Personal computers (PC), Android based telephones and tablets, real time DSP platforms and exposure to software tools and libraries, such as: Matlab and OpenCV.

The range of optional courses that the majoring track offers includes courses that impart theoretical and algorithmic knowledge for video and multimedia processing and analysis, and practical courses, such as the advanced real time image and video processing laboratory, where the students learn how to materialize the algorithms on the most advanced platforms currently in operation around the world, that combine simulators and software tools made by the foremost companies in the field, such as Analog Devices and TI or on smart phones running operating systems such as Android.

The Future of Graduates Majoring in Image and Video Processing

Majoring in image and video processing trains the students to deal in research and development activities as well as prepares them to continue studying for advanced academic degrees in the field. The practical courses in the curriculum enable the students to acquire significant experience, that assists them to take up a position at their future place of work with maximum effectiveness from day 1. A range of opportunities opens up for the graduates of the Department, upon completing the major, to be employed by medium and large sized companies and start up companies that deal in the field of computerized image, video and vision processing, in Israel and around the world, in various fields, such as:

Software and Communications: Intel, Motorola, Broadcom, NDS,Omek, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Facebook.

Medical: Given Imaging, General Electric, Philips.

Vehicles: Mobile Eye, the GM Development Center.

Entertainment: Samsung, Microsoft.

Government and Defense: Elbit, the Israel Aerospace Industries, Nice, Verint, Elta, Orbotech, Tadiran, Rafael.