Communication Theory

A bit about the World of Communications

The electronic media deals with the transfer of data between single components, such as communications between a mobile telephone and a communications network, and in the design, management, performance evaluation and streamlining of large communications systems. The data communications networks and telecommunications networks have developed dramatically over the past decades and today every one of us routinely uses a communications system, from surfing the ’net, through the use of mobile phones and up to and including wireless systems, that constitutes an integral part of modern social life. The various aspects of the world of communications constitutes a primary growth engine in the global hi-tech industry, with electronic communications, and in particular, wireless / digital communications, becoming one of the pillars of electrical engineering.

The Advantages of Majoring in the Communications Theory Track at Afeka College

The Afeka College majoring track in Communications Theory is aimed at providing a solution to the needs of the market and the increasing demand on the part of the industry for engineers and knowledgeable people in communications systems and technology.

Majoring in this study track trains the students in a fascinating and dynamic field and enables them to deal with the profiling, analysis, design and development of products in a broad range of types of wired and wireless communications, in tandem with combining and integrating the various communications components in communications systems and various electronic products, from the physical link level and up to the application level.

During the course of studying the major, the students are exposed to theoretical and system aspects of innovative communications systems, at the mantle and principle limitations level, at the level of various information coding techniques, the profiling thereof and packaging thereof for shipment, as well as at the prominent system application level, including: Wireless communications, RADAR and radio navigations systems. The various courses offered by the curriculum are taught by the best of professionals who are highly experienced in industry, in a broad spectrum of knowledge domains required of Communications Engineers.

The Future of Graduates Majoring in Communication

Based on various estimates, the field of electronics communications in the State of Israel has developed in a distinctive manner compared to the global market, and more than 50% of the companies active in the hi-tech sector in Israel deal wholly or partly in the field of communications. In addition, the Israeli communications companies have gained a solid reputation throughout the world, and in light of its status in the global hi-tech industry, Israel is a magnet for leading international communications companies in their fields, that elect to set up their development centers in Israel. Completing studies in the Afeka College Communications Theory majoring track places the graduates of the track in an excellent opening standpoint to take up a communications systems development position at any of these companies and in all facets of the electronics and technological infrastructure industry in Israel.