Head of School Words

Dr. David Berla

The distinctiveness of Bachelor Degree studies in Electrical Engineering at Afeka College is expressed with particular emphasis on training engineers at a high professional level, while developing autodidactic capabilities and interpersonal communications and presentation skills, which are vital for Development Engineers in their jobs. This is part of the emphasis on tight and continuous cooperation on the part of Afeka College with industry, including a curriculum suited to the needs of the industry, joint seminars and conferences, and cooperation in final projects that the students carry out.

The Afeka College Bachelor Degree Studies in Electrical Engineering curriculum grants the students comprehensive knowledge in scientific and engineering subjects, in conjunction with a broad range of tools and capabilities, that will enable engineers of the future to design and develop advanced systems, and to contend with future challenges in various fields of industry, such as: Wireless, cellular and satellite communications, chips, signal, image and information processing, domestic electronics, voice and audio systems, electro-optics, as well as control systems for machines, aircraft, missiles, robots and others. As part of the continuous improvement strategy that is part and parcel of the Afeka College endeavor, and in light of the changes that exemplify the industry, new majoring tracks were added to the list and each student is entitled to select, out of seven majoring tracks offered by the department, two that he or she prefers.

The staff of the Electrical Engineering Department are lecturers experienced in industry, who carry out research in various fields of electrical engineering and bring with them unique added value, that contributes significantly to the quality and level of teaching. Add to that the inimitable nature of the electrical Engineering Dept. at Afeka College that combines a reputation of academic excellence with an advanced hi-tech atmosphere, at a congenial campus that is attentive to the needs of the students.