A word from head of the program, Dr. Dganit Armon

Dr. Deganit Armon

The undergraduate program in computer science provides students with comprehensive, in-depth knowledge in this field. It focuses on understanding computer systems and their principles, and gives students a mathematical and theoretical foundation, with an emphasis on algorithmics and performance evaluation, and knowledge on such system-wide subjects as architecture, operating systems, and computer communication. The program offers a wide choice of elective courses on the application and uses of computer systems, and particularly artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What sets the undergraduate program in computer science at Afeka apart is the learning experience at the college of engineering, and the opportunity for experiencing working in teams alongside engineers – the students’ future coworkers – during one’s studies.

The program’s faculty includes about 60 lecturers and teaching assistants with proven academic and industry experience; about a third of whom hold postgraduate degrees. Added to this is the pleasant and supportive study atmosphere, with learning in small classrooms. Faculty members maintain a personal rapport with the students, guiding, directing, and advising them throughout their studies.