Engineers for a new era

Engineers for a new era

The twenty-first century is marked by frequent changes and global challenges
To face these effectively, modern engineers must possess a diverse set of skills and abilities
A successful engineer will have a deep understanding of the fundamentals of science and engineering, but must also exhibit critical thinking, effective communication and problemsolving skills, as well as be capable of adapting to a rapidly changing reality
An engineer in the new era must be meticulous and determined, while also being creative, innovative, and informed on industry needs
The role of modern engineers in society is one of responsibility, professional ethics and social engagement. In a new age of engineering that serves society, future engineers must understand their role as “agents of change” who can employ their knowledge and skills to the benefit of Israeli society and humanity as a whole

Afeka- home to future engineers
With the image of Engineers for a New Era in mind, Afeka operates on the basis of several principal foundations

Providing our students with a significant learning experience that is challenging, enriching, and motivating, by teaching advanced professional knowledge using innovative and contemporary pedagogical methods

Building a professional community that provides challenging opportunities to explore creative and innovative engineering
solutions; Organizing industry conferences and events that provide a platform for productive engagement between

interdisciplinary communities, and contribute to the development of human capital in engineering
Stimulating the development of the essential skills required of modern-day engineers – such as effective communication, interdisciplinary collaboration, real-world problem-solving, critical and creative thinking,
and self-learning

Educatingengineers that recognize their responsibility to positively impact society by solving problems and developing products for the good of humanity using modern technology

Fosteringa research culture focusing on applied research, by uniquely combining academic faculty who are leaders in their fields and have practical industry experience, with up-to-date laboratories, advanced technological infrastructures, and a
wellorganized business support