A New Generation of Engineers

Educating a New Generation of Engineers  

Engineering is as creative a field as any other and it is crucial for new engineers to be equipped the skill set essential for facing the daily challenges of new product development, whether it be the capability to develop new technologies or the ability to successfully present an idea to others.
What distinguishes Afeka from other academic institutes in Israel is that we place an emphasis on providing our students with a significant learning experience that is challenging, enriching and exciting in a way that contributes to both personal and professional growth.
We also recognize that access to higher education is the foremost route to socio-economic mobility and see at as our responsibility to be active on the full range of the educational continuum – by impacting youth through social involvement activities, offering pre-academic studies for potential students, qualifying engineers in undergraduate degree programs and providing enrichment and advanced studies to engineers through Master’s degree programs and external studies.

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