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Afeka’s approach to engineering education

A New-England-Inspired Change to Engineering Education
President of Afeka Prof. Ami Moyal talks about Afeka’s unique process of transforming engineering education and the importance of mutually sharing experiences and insights with other academic institutes.
November 2022 |  Boston Patch

Creating A Continuous Improvement Culture in Higher Education
How Afeka used an Engineering Design Process to transform engineering education at the college and produce workforce ready engineers.
November 2022 | The Change Leader Podcast

Afeka College’s ‘graduate profile’ hopes to tackle the local talent shortage
Defining the profile of an ultimate Afeka graduate with the knowledge and skills needed by the industry was the first step in transforming the educational process.
July 2022 CTECH by Calcalist

Re-imagining Education & Skill Training in India: Enabling Innovation & Entrepreneurship Post Covid-19 Webinar
February 2021 | INDIA SME FORUM
Keynote interview on the implications of the Coronavirus crisis on engineering education in the academia
Re-imagining Education & Skill Training in India: Enabling Innovation & Entrepreneurship Post.
February 2021 Covid-19 Webinar

Research at Afeka

Speech Processing for Disease
Afeka is currently researching the use of voice recognition technologies for indicating the presence of COVID-19.
September 2020 | VoiceTech Podcast
Israeli innovation in Coronavirus detection and response
A podcast interview with Rabbi Sam Cohon on the research being conducted at the Afeka Center for Language Processing on pre-diagnosis of coronavirus carriers using speech recognition and artificial intelligence technologies.
August 2020 | “The Voice” Radio

Testing, testing: Indian samples boost Israeli bid for voice-based COVID check
The Israeli MOD sent a delegation to India to collect 20,000 voice samples for 4 different projects – among them the research project being conducted at the Afeka Center for Language Processing on the pre-diagnosis of potential COVID-19 carriers.
August 2020 | The Times of Israel

Today’s engineers have to be able to stand in front of an audience and deliver a tight and effective, three-minute presentation on what their algorithm can do and why it will benefit clients.
August 2020 | CTEC

Agonizing over whether to take COVID-19 test? Soon your phone will tell you
Cooperation between Israeli and Italian researchers may lead to an application that predicts who may have coronavirus.
June 2020 | The Times of Israel

Israeli Health Technology May Inform US Medical Response to COVID-19
Speech recognition technology can provide a quick and readily available pre-diagnostic assessment of COVID-19 infection without a need for human intervention.
June 2020 | The Wall News

Israel’s Afeka College COVID-19 Research
A radio interview with Nachum Segal in New York on the research project led by the Israeli MOD and conducted by the Afeka Center for Speech Processing on the pre-diagnosis of potential COVID-19 carriers.
May 2020 | Nachum Segal Network

I24 News Special Edition on Covid-19 with Ayman Sikseck
New technology can categorize those who should be tested for the COVID-19 by analyzing their voice.
March 2020 | I24 News

Afeka College president leads institution’s development
It is necessary to build motivation and curiosity in the students and then train excellent engineers who will succeed and contribute to the economy.
April 2019 | The Jerusalem Post

Afeka recognized internationally for its handling of the COVID crisis

Israeli college ranks fifth in the world for management of COVID-19 crisis
August 2022 | Israel National News

Israeli engineering school ranked 5th in world for its handling of COVID
August 2022 | Israel Hayom

Israeli college in 5th place in an international ranking of academic institutions

July 2022 | The Jerusalem Post

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"Panel on “Israel Innovation: Talent Strategies for Future-Fit Organizations
September 2020 | 2020 ASU+GSV Virtual Summit: The Dawn of the Age of Digital Learning

The Engineering Education Continuum
April 2019 | Israel STEM Ecosystems Community of Practice Meeting
Implementing Institution-wide Change in Engineering Education
June 2019 | Israel Education Summit