The Afeka Academic College of Engineering

The Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering is a public college offering Bachelor and Masters of Science degrees in engineering. Afeka is currently ranked among Israel’s outstanding academic technological institutions and is a major source of creative new engineers in Israel, qualifying between 300-400 engineers annually.

With a keen awareness of the changes taking place in Israel and around the world in education, industry and society, Afeka College is continuously looking for ways to tailor its engineering programs to the needs of today’s students and society. Our centrally located campus in Tel-Aviv attracts students from around the country seeking high-level academic engineering studies.

Afeka College combines state-of-the-art technologies, advanced facilities and contemporary teaching methods that place an emphasis on technological innovation and support our students in developing the specific skills required of engineers in today’s workforce.

We focus on providing our students with first-rate mathematics and science-based academic studies, while at the same time, providing our students with the knowledge and know-how needed to solve new problems and to effectively communicate with their peers. This requires skills such as: self-learning, teamwork collaboration, critical thinking, interpersonal and presentation skills and a working knowledge of English.

Over 3,500 students are currently enrolled at Afeka College. This includes more than 2,500 undergraduate students, over 200 graduate students and about 800 pre-Academic students. Nearly students have graduated from the College to date – representing a broad cross section of the country and its population. Since its founding in 1996, 97% of our graduates have successfully integrated into the industry and are currently contributing USD 1.25 billion annually to the Israeli economy.

Engineering Programs

The Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering is a unique institute of higher education fully equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century. At Afeka we are fully aware of rapid changes in education, industry and society in Israel and throughout the world. With this in mind we are continuously looking for new ways to offer our students programs that are strongly grounded in technology and taught using advanced pedagogical methods, in the aim of educating engineers qualified to meet current and future industry needs.

The college currently offers 5 undergraduate programs with 17 fields of specialization and 4 graduate programs.

Undergraduate (B.Sc.) Programs

  •  Software Engineering
  •  Computer Science
  •  Industrial Engineering & Management
  •  Industrial Engineering & Managment with Computer Science
  •  Medical Engineering
  •  Medical Engineering with Computer Sience
  •  Electrical Engineering
  •  Electrical Engineering with Computer Science
  •  Mechanical Engineering
  • Data Science
  •  Mechanical Engineering with Computer Science

    Graduate (M.Sc.) Programs 
  • Energy and Electric power Systems Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Medical Engineering
  • Engineering & Management 
  • Intelligent Systems