Officers - Academic Staff

Office Bearers – Academic Staff

Prof. Ami Moyal - President

Dr. Anat Ratnovski – Head of the School of Medical Engineering, Chairman of the Teaching Committee.

Adv. Keren ben Haim – Dean of Students 

Dr. Moshe Tshuva – Head of the School of the Mechanical Engineering.

Dr. David Berla – Head of the School of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Deganit Armon – Head of the School of Software Engineering. 

Dr. Shai Rozenes – Head of the School of Industrial Engineering & Management.

Dr. Yehudit Aperstein - Head of the Intelligent Systems Dept.

Prof. Erel Avineri – Head of the Infrastructure Systems Engineering and Management Dept.

Dr. Israel Tirkel - Head of the final projects department.

Prof. Dalia Fishelov - Head of the Mathematics Unit.

Dr. Sternfeld Itay - Head of the Physics Unit.

Dr. Kuti Soham - Head of the General Studies Unit.

Dr. Leor Cohen - Head of the English Studies Unit

Ms. Mika Gabel - Head of the Center for Promoting Teaching.

Dr. Efrat Perel – Head of the Afeka SmartUp program.

Prof. Gideon Langholtz – Head of the Research Authority.