A Message from the President

A Message from the President

The opening of the 2021-2022 academic year also marks the end of Afeka’s 25th anniversary. For an academic institution Afeka is still young; but during the years since its founding the college has grown to be independent reputable institute for higher education with over 3,300 students and a unique approach to educating engineers that has come to be respected both in Israel and abroad.

In a world marked by accelerated technological progress influencing all aspects of our lives – the engineer is the true force behind the success of Israel’s high-tech industry. In order for the country to maintain its international status, grow its economy and increase exports, we need excellent engineers that will continue to develop life-changing and life-saving technologies. In addition to extensive professional knowledge and engineering skills, new graduates integrating into the workforce are required to demonstrate a variety of personal skills — such as effective communication, critical thinking, creativity and multidisciplinary teamwork.

As an institute for higher education responsible for educating the next generation of engineers, we have an obligation toward the personal and professional development of each and every one of our students — to ensure they contribute, not only to industry, but to society as a whole. To maintain the relevance of the education we provide our students, Afeka began a comprehensive multi-year transformation process. This has included updating our curricula, pedagogy and evaluation methods, restructuring learning and work spaces, incorporating a wide range of extra-curricular activities and developing strong ties with the educational system — from which our students arrive, and with the industry — that employs our graduates when they complete their studies.

Our faculty is dedicated to making this vision a reality. Instead of  frontal lectures, many courses at Afeka are taught using new and relevant pedagogical approaches that enable hands-on experience and encourage dynamic interaction. Afeka's campus is bustling with activities that not only create a unique atmosphere both in and out of the classrooms, but also contribute to the personal and professional development of our students and demonstrate how excellence is cultivated through a passion for learning.

The past year and half have shown us just how special Afeka is in its ability to initiate, stand tall in the face of crises, join forces and focus on solving any problem that comes to hand. It is these traits that led to a high global ranking as an innovative academic institution and ninth among academic institutes around the world in our management of the Coronavirus crisis. Our early planning and preparation now ensure that the studies at Afeka will continue at full under any circumstance throughout the coming year.

The Coronavirus crisis has served as a catalyst for many processes, forcing us to change some basic assumptions and take new courses of action. I believe the crisis has “passed”, not because COVID-19 has disappeared from the world, but because it has become a permanent part of our new reality. At Afeka we have begun implementing a hybrid campus model — not in a way that replaces the physical campus, which I believe plays a crucial role in the academic process, but as a platform for integrating digital tools that enrich the educational process and academic experience at the college.

We have created a different kind of academic institution here at Afeka — one that does not focus only on training our students to become engineers in the job market, but also strives to instill in them a passion for solving problems and developing technologies that will change the world; an institution that is determined to continuously evolve and improve while creating a unique and meaningful learning experience; and that educates excellent engineers that possess all the knowledge, skills and values needed for success.

During this academic year we will continue to work at preserving these qualities and creating a new campus experience adapted to spirit of the times; we will make the most of the disruptive change the coronavirus crisis brought upon us and leverage the experience we gained in remote teaching and learning in order to create new and relevant pedagogical methods combining, frontal and digital instruction; and incorporate effective teaching that inspires curiosity and motivates our students to become the kind of engineers that desire to change the world.

Wishing us all an excellent academic year,

Prof. Ami Moyal