A Message from the President

A Message from the President

This year, Afeka College of Engineering will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. During this time, Afeka has grown and become a reputable academic institution known for its academic excellence, pedagogical innovation, vibrant campus atmosphere and quality alumni.

 Today’s world is marked by accelerated technological progress that is influencing all aspects of our lives – and inevitably, the job market has also been profoundly affected. At Afeka, we are committed to reshaping engineering education to reflect these changes and to better prepare our students for joining the ranks of Israel’s engineers.

The Israeli engineer is the true force behind the success of Israel’s high-tech industry. In order for the country to maintain its international status, grow its economy and increase exports, we need excellent engineers that will continue to develop life-changing and life-saving technologies. In addition to extensive professional knowledge and engineering skills, new graduates integrating into the workforce are required to demonstrate a variety of personal skills — such as effective communication, critical thinking, creativity and the ability to work in multidisciplinary teams.

As an institute for higher education responsible for educating the next generation of engineers, we have an obligation toward the personal and professional development of each and every one of our students and to ensure they contribute, not only to industry, but to society as a whole. 

In order to maintain the relevance of the education we provide our students, we began a comprehensive cross-organizational transformation – We are updating our curricula, pedagogy and evaluation methods, restructuring learning and work spaces and incorporating a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Equally importantly, we are placing an emphasis on strengthening our dialogue with the education system – from which our students arrive and with the industry – that employs our graduates when they complete their studies.

This renewal process has led to an exceptional institute of higher education – one where excellence is cultivated through the joy of learning and where the atmosphere breeds curiosity.

With all this being said, Afeka has been facing the repercussions of the coronavirus “disruption” that has shaken the world and the system of higher education as we know it. As the crisis unfolded, academic institutes around the globe were forced to instantaneously launch full distance-learning curricula – and Afeka’s bustling campus became silent virtually overnight.

I truly believe that the physical campus plays a crucial role in the education of our students. It provides a platform where students can develop essential skills like teamwork, creative thinking, and problem-solving through experiential learning and extracurricular activities. And just as crucial, it provides a place to meet and interact and experience student-life to its fullest.

During this academic year we will continue to work at preserving the unique Afeka experience – by creating a new type of campus life, modified to the restrictions that have permeated our lives. To do this, we need to take full advantage of the disruptive change the coronavirus crisis brought upon us – learn from the experience we gained and reformulate pedagogical methods in ways that incorporate effective, motivating and inspiring teaching – whether on campus, on-line or a hybrid of the two – so that our students are able to interact, participate, learn and most importantly, become the kind of engineers that desire to change the world.

Wishing us all a thought-provoking academic year filled with opportunities to create new solutions and experiences.

Prof. Ami Moyal