Master’s Programs

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The Afeka Graduate Programs was founded based on a world view advocating the expansion of the fields of knowledge of B.Sc. graduates, and providing them with additional capabilities which shall enrich their field of occupation
The Afeka College Programs for a Master’s Degree without a Thesis Paper allow students to broaden their engineering education, provide them with an “engineering tool box” which is added to the tools they acquired during the B.Sc. studies, and expose them to the multidisciplinary studies which are the essence of the practice of engineering today
The five Multidisciplinary Master’s Degree Study Programs offered were developed in order to answer the need raised by the industry and the business sector, through tight coordination with professional elements within these sectors, and were approved by the Council for Higher Education in Israel

Engineering Systems Master’s Programs

Master’s Programs

  • Setting your engineering skills and upgrading them with tools for wide and multidisciplinary perspective required by the industry
  • Studying at a sophisticated research environment that includes a modern and innovative series of laboratories
  • Incorporating what has been learned in the industry development centers, for purposes of practical learning
  • Studying at an institute that was internationally recognized by the CDIO, the Academic Engineering Institutes Organization

Academic Departments

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