Objective Oriented Higher Engineering Learning

Objective Oriented Higher Engineering Learning

Since its establishment in the late 1990s, Afeka College has unfurled the banner of constituting the melting pot of advocates of higher engineering. This dogma also trains the College’s graduates to act as leaders in all fields of endeavor and harness the amazing capability of the technological world for the benefit of the individual and society.

At Afeka we believe that the engineers of the future are those who will develop and navigate the ship of technology to the shores predicated by the future and, over and above technological savvy, their holistic understanding, ability and the desire to join in the fascinating journey is necessitated.

The multidisciplinary and holistic higher engineering approach advocated by the College is facilitated by a combination of high level engineering studies, together with nurturing individual skills, project management capability and a culture of human creativity and contribution.

The objectives of the College are aimed at leveraging higher engineering as a value, approach and vision in all aspects of the domains and strata of academic endeavor:

To act with the constant aspiration of preserving the status of the College as a leading academic institute of higher engineering.

To lead in training the best engineers who meet the dynamic needs of industry and academia.

To equip the engineers of the future with the tools to leverage the exceptional value that they convey with them to the work place.

To develop dynamic training programs congruent with the varying demand of the market.

To nurture a challenging learning atmosphere in a pleasant, supporting and encouraging environment.

To encourage creativity, cooperation and analytical and open thinking.

To impart human values, initiative, materialization of personal potential and awareness of a universal business culture.

To create an opportunity rich environment that promotes fertile cooperation between the industrial and business sectors and the students, the graduates and the staff of the college.

To labor to achieve objectives by strictly ensuring professional quality in all aspects of endeavor.

The uniqueness of Afeka results from a synergy of facilitating academic, organizational and social culture, a commitment to constant improvement as a central value, and excellent staff members who have extensive academic and professional experience.

This unique combination enables Afeka to preserve its status as a leading academic college of higher engineering learning and, each year, to provide the hundreds of students studying at the College with the appropriate platform for personal and professional uplift.